The Building Enclosure Council of Iowa is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2016 as a local chapter of the Building Enclosure Council (BEC), and a Knowledge Community of AIA Iowa. The Building Enclosure Council (BEC) was established on a national level as an initiative of the Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2004.

Our Mission

BEC-Iowa is an interdisciplinary network of affiliated architects, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, contractors, developers, owners, facility managers, educators, and other interested individuals. The intent is to provide a forum for the construction industry by which all those with an interest in the enclosure (envelope) of commercial, institutional, and residential structures and the related building science can discuss, learn about, and address the common and local issues and science relating to the building enclosure – the exterior systems of buildings that play a critical role in building performance, energy efficiency, and occupant health, comfort and safety.

Our purpose is to:

  • Promote and encourage discussion, training, education, technology transfer, and the exchange of information about local issues and cases, relevant weather conditions, and all matters concerning the building enclosure and the related science.
  • Initiate and promote cross-disciplinary and cross-responsibility dialogue, i.e., laterally between professions, and vertically among designers, manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, constructors, building operators, developers, insurers, and others with an interest in the building enclosure.
  • To facilitate improvements in relation to process – namely, design, construction, inspection, approvals, codes, regulations, standards, liability matters, and the like for matters that affect the building enclosure.


BEC-Iowa meets bi-monthly, with meetings typically occurring on the third Friday of the month.  At these meetings, members and guests share highly relevant information and innovative ideas on design and construction practices, research, and case studies.

BEC-Iowa welcomes non-members and guests at our monthly meetings at no charge. We also encourage all interested individuals to subscribe to our free email list to stay up to date on our local and national events.

Want to get involved?

We encourage anyone with an interest in achieving higher performing, resilient, and more energy-efficient buildings to join, learn, and make contributions. Contact Us for more information.

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