BEC-Iowa Annual Meeting

Join us at our Annual Meeting as we hold a board election, followed by a presentation by Atlas Roofing.


Title of Presentation:
Exterior Insulation: Advanced Perspectives for Fire, Moisture, and Thermal Performance

Lance Williams is an Atlas Roofing Company Architectural Sales Manager focused on CI-continuous insulation applications. His experience includes over 15 years interacting with Designers, Specifiers, GC’s, Installers, Suppliers, Building Scientists, & Building Enclosure Consultants. Because of his grasp of the real world performance characteristics and implications of continuous insulation choices, he is uniquely suited to offer advanced perspectives that empower professionals to achieve the benefits of exterior CI while avoiding its unintended consequences.

Design practices in framed wall construction rely largely on exterior insulation to comply with current energy codes and continuous insulation requirements. New challenges accompany this paradigm shift, including implications for NFPA285 compliant wall assemblies, tolerance to wetting events, and the continuity of thermal layers. This presentation examines the performance of exterior insulation in response to the demanding conditions found in modern rainscreens and masonry veneer cavities. Particular emphasis is placed on NFPA285 compliance, thermal bridging, moisture transport, and the effects of wind-washing in ventilated rainscreens. These advanced perspectives will empower professionals to design, specify, install, & achieve the benefits of exterior insulation while avoiding its unintended consequences.

Attendees will earn 1 HSW AIA CEU


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