BEC-Iowa March Meeting

Title of Presentation:
Introduction to Energy Modeling and Related Building Performance Evaluation Tools

Ulrike Passe, Associate Professor at Iowa State University, Diplom – Ingenieur in Architecture (Technical University in Berlin, Germany), is a licensed architect in Germany.

She teaches sustainable design and environmental technologies and serves as director for the Center for Building Energy Research. Currently, she leads the interdisciplinary team “Big data for sustainable cities decision making” integrating human-building-microclimate interactions into urban energy models for urban resilience. She published “Designing Spaces for Natural Ventilation: an Architect’s Guide (Routledge) with Dr. Francine Battaglia in 2015. In 2009 she led the ISU team to design and build a solar powered home for the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Passe then led the building science plank in the Iowa NSF EPSCoR project “Harnessing Energy in the Biosphere to Build Sustainable Energy Systems”,. Her ARCH 601 graduate sustainable design studio and her Berlin Summer Academy integrate energy modeling and other simulation tools into the design process. Students from ARCH 601 placed in the AIA/ACSA Top 10 Community of the Environment student competition 3 years in a row (2015-2017).

Reducing building energy consumption while improving occupant comfort is a dominant goal of current sustainable design. This short presentation will provide insight into current state of the art of energy simulation tools available to the design team and how those can be supplemented with quantitative and qualitative daylighting, illumination, shading and natural ventilation tools using stand-alone software or various plug-ins.

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